Sparkleshark by Philip Ridley (1997)

High up on a tower block roof, Jake writes stories in secret. The boys think he's an easy victim. To the girls, Jake's almost one of them. But when the gang arrive on the scene, they're in for the biggest surprise of their lives...

To save himself, Jake weaves his best story yet. It's so good that, despite themselves, the gang demand starring roles in the enactment of mysteries,
perils, love quests and an encounter with Sparkleshark...

Each group performs twice, according to the following schedule:

Sunday 20th January: S1000AE - Ali’s Group - Show #1: 11am & Show #2: 2.30pm

Sunday 27th January: S0900GC - Glyn’s Group - Show #1: 11am & Show #2: 2.30pm

Sunday 17th February: S0900CP - Charlie’s Group - Show #1: 11am & Show #2: 2.30pm


The performance will commence shortly. If you wish to buy tickets please come to the theatre and pay at the door.




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