Jazz (5 to 17 years)

Course: Jazz
Age: 5 years +
Location: Portsdown & East
Teachers: Josh Kiernan & Megan Chng (Teacher Bios click here)
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The classes will move forward focusing on Jazz dance from it’s roots in America, and is based on James RobeyTM curriculum.

Taking this approach offers us the opportunity to study and experience the work of the originators of Jazz dance, as we know it today, and the foundation of Jazz dance technique and choreography styles.

The technique of Jazz will be instructed to give the dance students the skill to be grounded, using more parallel and turned in positions, using the plié, which allows the body to be closer to the floor. Pure Jazz is about speed, sharpness and isolations as well as extension of movements and covering as much floor space at a rapid rate.

As we look at different choreographers or more general styles – we will send out to parents’ links or references for your information and for the students to share and discuss.

The classes will be formed to innately impart the understanding to the students to learn to listen to the body and understand how the body works – this supports the focus on injury prevention through correct technique. The classes will be formed to start with warm up, and build through a range of techniques that will be reinforced through choreography, and finally stretching again to complete the session.

We offer two class forms:

1) For those who wish to take exams

– The students will be entered into the level suitable for age and ability

2) We also have 3 other Jazz classes that are aimed at students who either do not want to take an external exam or who are undecided but would like to try jazz as a dance form.

Intro to Jazz (5 to 8 years)

The class will look at developing co-ordination through popular party dances and teacher led choreography with an emphasis on ‘fun’ with the chance to follow the ISTD Jazz Award system, starting with the Bronze Award, our in house assessment for Centre Stage to fairly overview progression and invite any students that are at a technical ability to complete and who are ready for an external exam.

Transition Jazz (9 to 12 years)

This class is for students who have already participated in a Jazz class before or who have completed James Robey’s Level 2 exam and would like to develop further within this dance form. The class is aimed at building confidence where performance and external exams are concerned through studying popular music chart dances and teacher led choreography as well as the opportunity in taking the in house assessment of the ISTD Jazz Silver Award.

Progressive Jazz (13 to 17 years)

This class is for the Teens! Studying popular dance film and teacher led choreography appropriate for their ability. There will be an emphasis on technique in order to understand the style of this dance form better and will follow the ISTD Jazz Gold Award for our in house assessment for evaluation of progression.

Although the above classes are not geared towards exam work, each class is structured with small portions of the James Robey syllabus for technique purposes only.


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