A note about Singing!

Sing your heart out at home – it’s good for you!

As we continue to adhere strictly to the covid-19 guidelines from MOH/MOE, we are still restricted in our singing. As singing can still only take place in person on a one to one basis, with individual singing classes, we need to ask all our students to keep singing at home! 😀

Not only is singing good for the soul, but if not done regularly, the instrument, ’the voice’ becomes less tuned, weaker and less versatile. We need to sing to maintain the voice and vocal health.
Students & parents, please ensure that you do a daily practice, in order to keep your voice well maintained, warmed up, flexible, strong, stretched, ‘in tune’ and so you don’t lose, the strength, the skills and technique.
Have fun, and

Very best wishes,

Ali & Pete
And The Centre Stage Team
Ps. We do have an online group class available on Saturday afternoons – get in touch if you’re keen to join that!

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