Centre Stage Interactive, what next?

If you are currently signed up for Centre Stage Interactive, your classes are due to finish on Saturday 27th June. As per government announcements on 15th June, Singapore is going into Phase 2 as of Friday 19th June and therefore Centre Stage will be reopening for in-person classes (with the notable exception of singing) from Monday 22nd June. 

SO, you have a couple of choices to make:

  1. You can finish off your CSi classes online as planned (the schedule will change ever so slightly to avoid different classes coming in to contact with each other, we will confirm the day before at the latest)
  2. You can rejoin us in person next week until CSi is due to end (for a small upgrade fee)
  3. We will also now be holding an additional week of classes from 29 June – 4th July, so you can choose to continue your classes until 4 July (for an extra fee)
Option Action Needed
Finish off Csi classes online as planned None
Rejoin us in person between 22 – 27 June Pay a small extra “upgrade” fee
Rejoin us in person from 22 June – 4 July OR 27 June – 4 July only Pay an extra upgrade fee for next week (at half price), and/or for 1 further week of classes

It goes without saying that we will only be returning with stringent safety protocols in place, including strict maximum class sizes, so we will only be able to admit students in to our centre who have signed up for the extra in-person classes in advance.

Non-CSi Students:
If you haven’t been joining us for online learning, but were assigned to class before Circuit Breaker kicked in, you are most welcome to rejoin us for the last “2 weeks of term” in person – simply follow this link to sign up.

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