The Evacuees: CONGRATULATIONS on a fantastic week of shows!

A HUGE Congratulations to the 5 different casts of the Evacuees for an absolutely brilliant week of shows! 

A bit of background to the show: 
On 11.07am, on Thursday 31st August 1939, a terse order of “Evacuate forthwith” was declared. Within the first four days of September 1939, nearly 3,000,000 people had been transported from towns and cities in danger from enemy bombers to places of safety in the countryside. Our play ‘The Evacuees’ draws on these real life experiences to bring you a story based on a group of children evacuated together…

All On Stage Acting classes will perform in our Black Box Theatre at 15 Woking Road according to the following schedule: 

  • Rele’s Monday Class [A1630RM] Perform:
    Monday 26th February at 6.30pm and Sunday 4th March at 9.30am 
  • Glyn’s Tuesday Class [B1630GC] Perform:
    Tuesday 27th February at 6.30pm and Saturday 3rd March at 9.30am 
  • Glyn’s Thursday Class [D1630GC] Perform:
    Thursday 1st March at 6.00pm** and Saturday 3rd March at 12.30pm
    note: the 6.00pm start is a change from your original contract stating 6.30
  • Charlie’s Saturday Class [S1400CP] Perform:
    Saturday 3rd March at 3.30pm and Sunday 4th March at 3.30pm
  • Rele’s Saturday Class [S1400RM] Perform:
    Saturday 3rd March at 7pm and Sunday 4th March at 12.30pm

A quick note for parents on why we need to charge admission for our productions:
Ticketing of in-house productions explained.

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