• Where? 15 Woking Road, 118694
      When? 9am - 12pm Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays at Woking Road
      Who? Out of the Box is pitched at 2 to 4 year olds
      TeachersWoking Road: Vicky Letchemanan
      Out of the Box is a play-based learning environment for children aged 2 to 4 years, that runs 3 mornings a week at Centre Stage, Portsdown Road. Our carefully planned curriculum uses ‘play’ as its mode of delivery… working at what children do best, our specialised arts teachers utilise Dramatic Play, Dance, Music Making, Singing, Art Making, Puppetry, Free Play and Environmental Play to nurture development of important life skills. Perfect for children who are ready for a step into greater independence, but not quite ready for full-time nursery! All of our activities are carefully selected to suit the developmental stage of the children. As they progress through each stage of play development, we evolve the programme to perfectly tailor to the child’s needs. These activities are realised through a variety of media.
      • Physical: Gross and fine motor skills and sense exploration
      • Logical: Mathematical concepts, order, exploration of space and time
      • Social: Sharing, negotiation, compromise, turn-taking and leadership
      • Language & Literacy: Developing vocab, exploring sound and enhancing communication
      • Self-esteem: Developing a strong sense of self
      • Empathy: Understanding others through dramatic play
      • Independence: Thinking, decision making and cooperation

      Centre Stage have always been at the forefront of creative learning activities in Singapore and over 20 years of operation have delivered their courses to over 10,000 children. We were delighted to develop this new programme for our very youngest members in 2016!

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