Senior Teacher: Megan West

Name: (Ms.) Megan West
Role: Dance Teacher, Head of Ballet, Head of Dance
Teaches: Ballet, Discover Dance, Contemporary

  • BA (Hons) Dance Education, Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) – validated by Bath University
  • Acrobatic Arts Certified Teacher
  • IDTA Teacher of Dancing
  • Certified DDMIX Instructor
  • Certified DDMIX KS1&2 Curriculum Instructor

Background: Born and raised in Wales. Megan has been heavily involved in dance and performing since her early childhood, studying all genres and performing in numerous shows, including several professional productions. Megan went on to further her dance training at Bodywork Company Cambridge, studying towards a diploma in Professional Dance where she was actively involved in several productions; as a performer, choreographer and as part of the technical team. Megan was an integral part of the Creative Learning team back in Wales, teaching Stage School, Youth Theatre and Community Dance; tap, ballet, musical theatre dance and acrobatics across ages 3-90! Megan has choreographed and directed numerous musicals, plays and dance shows. She has vast experience with working with at risk and vulnerable children, including young offenders, to re-engage and reintegrate them through the arts.

Megan holds a BA (Hons) in Dance Education from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance, and is also a qualified Acrobatic Arts Teacher, IDTA Teacher of Dance, as well as a DDMIX instructor (both adults and school curriculum). In 2016, Megan was selected as the first Welsh Dance Ambassador for One Dance UK, working alongside MP’s advocating for dance and rural communities. She has also had articles published in the ‘Royal Academy of Dance: Focus on Education’ and other publications, writing about the importance of advocacy, leadership and the importance of dance and education.

Megan works alongside the charity Move the World, and in August 2017, spent time in Medie, Ghana working on impact projects, focusing on the power of creativity, dance and the arts to collaborate and create sustainable community change in education, sanitation and youth engagement within the Medie community, whilst developing global citizenship.

Megan fully believes that dance is for all and is committed to providing all students with a safe, fun and respectful educational environment which enables students to achieve their personal best, whilst discovering their love of dance. She is thrilled to be a part of the Centre Stage family and to pass on her own knowledge and passion for dance and the arts.

What Centre Stage class would Megan have been in, in 1999? Ballet Grade 4

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