We’re changing our Singing Timetable this August!

Course: Singing (click here for full course description, suitable for 8 years +)
We are thrilled to continue our Small Group Singing classes with Jean Lee – our brilliant part time Singing teacher – in to the new academic year. We are making some adjustments to the timetable as of August 20th 2018. Please see our updated timings below…

New Timings:
Saturday 1pm – 2pm (8 – 10 year olds)
previously Saturday 2pm 
Saturday 2pm – 3pm (10 – 12 year olds) previously Saturday 3pm
Monday 4.30pm – 5.30pm (13 – 15 year olds) previously Saturday 4pm

Monday 3.30pm – 4.30pm* NEW (Registrations welcome for 8 years +)
Monday 5.30pm – 6.30pm* NEW (Registrations welcome for 16 years +)

Location: 15 Woking Road 
Teacher: Jean Lee Duong 
Cost: $60 per session paid termly (pro-rated if joining mid term) 

Our hour long small group singing lessons give children with a keen interest in singing an opportunity to learn singing technique. These sessions have a technical focus aiming to develop safe singing practises and a versatile vocal performer. Classes run with a maximum of 5 students.

Small group singing classes are suitable for all abilities of singer. They are perfect for those already attending our performance courses (On Stage and Theatre Workshop) who wish to improve on their technique, but also a great place to start for beginners. The only entry requirement is enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

A bit more about our new singing teacher – Jean Lee Duong (click here for full bio)

Jean Lee specialises in teaching vocal technique and lyrics expression to beginner-advanced singers in the styles of operatic pop, Disney, musical theatre, and gospel. Originally from California, for the past nine years Jean Lee has taught singing to over 900+ students, and also conducted numerous choirs in New York City, Los Angeles, South Korea, Malaysia, and now Singapore.

Jean Lee’s Teaching Highlights include:

  • Explaining/demonstrating the basics of SOLID vocal technique in a simple, clear way
  • Creating a positive, encouraging singing experience with honest feedback
  • Helping students discover their own emotional connection to the lyrics
  • Technique for hitting high notes without strain
  • Easy, practical breathing methods
  • Professional diction coaching
  • Performance coaching (confidence building, stage presence, overcoming stage fright)
  • Singing with your soul and spirit
  • Rediscovering the joy of music

Jean Lee is thrilled to coach the many talented young singers at Centre Stage!


📸 A little snapshot of some past “Sing” shows… 📸


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