Now Booking! Holiday Camps March & April 2023

Looking for CREATIVE AND FUN activities to keep the kids active and engaged this upcoming school holidays?✨🎭

Join the Centre Stage team for a jam-packed, interactive, Creative Arts Drama and Musical Theatre in the March & April school holidays!

We will bring to life and explore stories, & themes, through drama, movement, music, and crafts all rolled into one!

Now Booking! 

Theme: Fantastic Fairy Tales #4 – Wolves, Bears, Beasties

Theme: Fantastic Fairy Tales #1 – Princes, Princesses, Kings & Queens

Theme: Fantastic Fairy Tales #2 – Giants, Orges, Fairies & Goblins

Join us for 5 days full of Interactive, fun, and active activities involving Drama, Movement, Music & Arts and Crafts! Book your spot online here.
Details of June/July/August are coming shortly!

Centre Stage Team

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