Current Covid-19 related guidelines: we are online until 20th June, reopening for face to face classes on 21st June with strict measures in place.

Update 10/6/21: 
As per government announcements today, we will remain online until Sunday 20th June, and only return for face to face classes on Monday 21 June – needless to say, with strict safe guidelines in place.

Update 17/5/21:
As per government announcements on Sunday 16 May, we are going online from Wednesday 19 May 2021. Current parents, please check your inboxes for this key update from us.

Update 14/5/21: 
We are still open and operational as we move back in to phase 2 from phase 3 for May.
The key changes for us: No more singing, groups of 5 (as opposed to 8), TraceTogether check in is now compulsory. Please ensure you are adhering to all our guidelines**

**Safety First – Covid-19 measures in place
Needless to say, the safety of our students and team is our highest priority.
Anyone signed up to attend a class or camp on either of our campuses will be sent a comprehensive set of instructions surrounding measures in place, but some key plot points:

  • Anyone visiting our centres will be required to check in and out using TraceTogether only SafeEntry as of 17th May 2021. (This requires you to have the app downloaded on your phone, or to have picked up your token) 
  • No one will be allowed on site without prior registration
  • Daily temperature and health screenings for students and staff will continue
  • Face masks must be worn at all times by all staff, students and parents at drop off**
    **despite the rule change, making the legal cut off for wearing mask 6+ (up from 2+) inside our centres, masks or face-shields will still need to be worn by under 6s – as we are operating in a group setting, and the students will be supervised closely whilst doing so.
  • Safe distancing measures of at least 1m are in place throughout all our studios
  • There will be strictly no physical interaction between students**
    **If some interaction is unavoidable, the students will be split into groups of 5 with each group kept at least 3m apart. 
  • Students or staff who are on, or have household members on a HQO, SHN, AA or LOA must notify us and will not be permitted to attend lessons 
  • Any students or staff exhibiting any symptoms of illness, will not be permitted to attend lessons. If they arrive to our centres, they will be sent home. If any household member is exhibiting any respiratory symptoms, please alert us and refrain from attending class
  • All high touch surfaces will be thoroughly disinfected between classes
  • We will stagger arrival and dismissal timings between classes to avoid any contact**
    **At least 15 minutes is allowed between classes. 
  • Students will continue to practise frequent hand-washing. Shared equipment will be avoided entirely. 
  • Our waiting room and office will remain closed – there will be no waiting on site allowed. 

Any questions? We’re always just at the end of the phone (6732 7211) or email (

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