The Hangout

The Hang Out

$40.00 $20.00

Bespoke sessions for friendship groups of all ages: Join us to collaborate on some creative ideas of your choice – whether that’s learning a song and dance routine (hello TikTok! 👋💃) building an elaborate set in your living room (read: Den) going on a Creative Drama Adventure, Conducting a fashion show from scratch – our enthusiastic CS teachers can facilitate it all. How does it work? Simply grab a bunch of friends (minimum 3, maximum 8) and get in touch with our HQ (via phone or email) to book in a mutually agreeable time – then parents just need to jump on here and payment for their own child!

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Suitable for ALL ages!


We can fit the timing around your schedule, get in touch with our HQ to book in a mutually agreeable time.

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