The Red Windmill: 14th May 2017… A HUGE WELL DONE!

A massive congratulations to all those who took part, or played a role backstage in our dance show this past weekend! This Annual production showcasing the work of our Dance Department allowed the students an opportunity to experience the whole process of performing – and you, as friends and family – the opportunity to see a what we get up to. It was a truly gorgeous show and we’re SO proud of each and everyone of you.

Check out some photos and parental feedback so far:

Another fantastic dance show by Centre Stage, what a lovely way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Congratulations to all the dancers and thank you very much to the talented Centre Stage staff for producing such a high quality performance.” – Juliet

Thank you to the whole CS Team!! Connor had such a fun time!!! And it’s lovely that he can look both back to how much he’s grown n matured from last year, and forward to how much more growing up he has ahead! The big kids are such an inspiration to him! Thank you for such opportunities ❤️” – Lu-min


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