On Sale Now: The Greeks

From the 4th – 10th March, On Stage! Acting students present their play, The Greeks!
Get your tickets online here now!

Ticket prices:
Adults – $20
Children – $15
CS Students – $5 (call the office on 6732 7211 for the password!)

More about The Greeks

The classic stories of Ancient Greece are brought to life in this exciting production. The students of OnStage! Acting present a collection of linked one-act plays adapted from the Greek myths with well-known characters such as Zeus, Apollo and Pandora.

Each group performs twice during the week 4th – 10th March 2019 according to the following schedule: 

  • Rele’s Monday Class: 4th March 6.30pm  | 10th March 9.30am
  • Glyn’s Tuesday Class: 5th March 6.30pm  | 9th March 9.30am
  • Glyn’s Thursday Class: 7th March 6.30pm  | 9th March 12.30pm
  • Charlie’s Saturday Class: 9th March 3.30pm | 10th March 3.30pm
  • Glyn’s Saturday Class: 9th March 6.30pm | 10th March 12.30pm

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