THE SOUND OF MUSIC, SINGAPORE 2022 – Proud of Centre Stage’s very own students!

Delighted to see all of the cast of The Sound of Music and ‘break a leg’ everyone as rehearsals continue and the excitement grows!

We are particularly proud of Centre Stage’s very own students, can’t wait to see you on the stage!

Current Students

Anna Maurer-Stroh

Isabella Fairhall

Jennifer Wilkinson

Ren Nakao

Sofia Rose Chamberlain

Sam Secomb

Karan Desai

And former students:

Jessica Kitamura


THE SOUND OF MUSIC, SINGAPORE: Presenting to you Singapore’s very own von Trapp children, who have climbed every mountain since the auditions.

We have seen their confidence and can’t wait to see them shine on stage in just a few weeks! BOOK HERE NOW 

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