Tickets on sale: Snow White

We are thrilled to announce our Annual Ballet Performance this year is scheduled to take place on Saturday 25th May 2019 at the Gateway Theatre with 2 performances at 2pm and 4.30pm.

Tickets are on sale now here!*

Every year we stage a large scale Ballet Performance at an Outside Venue, in order to give students the opportunity to perfect their training and perform on the big stage.

*If you are a parent of a performer, you will have received a special discount code via email as part of your show kit, this will automatically deduct the price of 2 adult tickets from your order, any questions about that, please feel free to give our office a call on 6732 7211. 


Q: Is my child in both shows? 
A: Yes, all performers will feature in all shows. For some of the older grades who are dancing in a more “featured role” those parts are double cast as follows:

  • Snow White: Eva¹ / Luisa²
  • Evil Queen: Hannah G¹ / Millie²
  • Prince: Tenisha¹ / Mia²
  • Huntsman: Dani
  • Mirror: Rima¹ / Summer²
  • Raven: Chloe D
  • Witch: Millie¹ / Hannah G²
  • Mini Snow White: Luna¹ / Elena W²
  • Middle Snow White: Amber¹ / Kitty²

¹ = Dancing the role in the 2pm show
² = Dancing the role in the 4.30pm show

When they are not in that role though, they will still be in all their class dances.

Q: Can I select my seat in advance? 
A: No, there’s no need – there will be plenty of seats available in the stalls, so it’ll be free seating – you can pick where to sit when you arrive on the day

Q: I’m only using my 2 free tickets, do I need to actually go through the process of booking a ticket?
Yes please, so that we can ensure everybody has redeemed there tickets, and we know who to expect on the day. It will also make everything a lot speedier letting everybody in to the theatre before the shows.

Q: Do I get 2 complimentary tickets to both shows as part of my show kit?
No, it’s 2 tickets in total – so you can use 1 per show, or both for 1 show and then if you would any extras (we would of course actively encourage you to come to both shows if you can!) you can purchase them through the same link

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