Trinity Young Performers Certificate

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to announce the introduction of the Trinity College London Young Performers Certificate – Class Assessment to our Creative Drama classes’ focus and scheme of work for Term 3! 

After the Easter break at Centre Stage, we would like all students who attend our Stage 1, 2 & 3 Creative Drama classes [aged 7 years old and under] to enter for this class assessment with Trinity College London. This award certificate is designed perfectly for the creative and process driven work we do with our early stages Creative Drama classes here at Centre Stage – and we are very pleased to include this in our years work. As we have many classes at Centre Stage we are delighted that Trinity College has been able to accommodate us for the May/June assessment

Please click the links below for information specific to:

  • Bronze Award (5 year olds) – Izzy’s Monday 4pm Class, Glyn’s Tuesday 2pm Class, Vicky & Durga’s Wednesday 4pm Class & Glyn/Georgia’s Saturday 1pm Class
  • Silver Award (6 year olds) – Charlie’s Tuesday 4pm Class, Roshni’s Tuesday 4pm Class, Roshni’s Wednesday 2 & 3pm Classes, Charlie’s Thursday 2pm Class, Rele’s Saturday 10am class
  • Gold Award (7 year olds) – Charlie’s Tuesday 2pm Class, Charlie’s Wednesday 3pm Class, Vicky/Durga’s Thursday 5pm class (those under 7), Charlie’s Friday 2pm Class, Rele’s Saturday 9am class

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your class teacher directly on 6732 7211 or via email to

We are running at quite a tight deadline, so need to confirm all students participation by the end of this week (Friday 16th March). To confirm your registration, please fill out the form below: 


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