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About the Story: Snow White is based on the German fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. It tells the classic story of the princess and her stepmother, the evil queen, who is envious of Snow White’s beauty, and also features the well-known cast of characters including the seven dwarfs, the huntsman, and the handsome prince as well as the magic mirror and poisoned apple.


Logistics:  Snow White will have 2 performances on Saturday 25th May. The first at 2pm, and the second at 4.30pm. 
@ The Gateway Theatre 3615 Jalan Bukit Merah, 159461
Tickets for Adults will cost $30 and for Children (Under 12) $20 
It's free seating - ie. you choose your seats when you arrive, rather than assigning them beforehand.

*If you are the parent of a performer in the show, you should have received a discount code that will automatically deduct the cost of 2 adult tickets from your purchase, as part of your show kit. Any problems with that, give our office a call on 6732 7211

The performance will commence shortly. If you wish to buy tickets please come to the theatre and pay at the door.

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