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Terms & Conditions

  1. All parents are requested to note that registration and admission to Centre Stage classes are subject to the conditions below, and attendance of classes, workshops or activities and productions is recognition of their acceptance of these conditions. The headings in these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect. Centre Stage may modify these terms and Conditions at any time. Such modification shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms and Conditions on the website. Accordingly, your continued attendance of classes, workshops or activities and productions shall be deemed to be your acceptance of the modified Terms and Conditions.


  1. Registration documents must be completed either in person at one of our centres or online at centre-stage.com. One invoice will be raised for the first term’s classes, which will include the following elements:
  • $50 registration fee; one off and non-refundable. (A per family fee that will only be charged in the first invoice for the family.)
  • $200 deposit, per child x per class (Will only be charged for the first invoice for that class – and will be refunded upon sufficient notice of withdrawal – 4 weeks before the end of the term that we’re currently in, for subsequent term)
  • $ fee/class per week, multiplied by the number of weeks in the term. (Pro-rated if joining mid-term)

Payment Schedule

  1. Invoicing for the subsequent term is carried out 2 weeks before the end of the current term. Payment must be made according to payment terms stated on the invoice, and ALL FEES must be paid in full prior to the start of term (or start of attendance to class if joining class mid-term). If any payments which are due under these Terms and Conditions are not made by their respective due date, we have the right to exclude your child from class. Penalty interest will be charged on late fees, please see the invoice for details of the penalty rates. We regret to inform you that non-compliance with these terms may result in the student not having access to class and the place being released for the wait list. Our fee schedule is available online and in the office. Centre Stage reserves the right to review and amend the fees at any time and without prior notice.

Withdrawal from Class and Written Notice

  1. For students joining a new class: Centre Stage allows a 3-week settling period. You have the right to withdraw at any point during that time and Centre Stage will refund fully the deposit and remaining fees for classes not attended. After the three weeks is up, you are liable for the full term fee.

    Withdrawal from class: If you wish your child to stop taking lessons, and withdraw from the class for the following term you must give written notice to the office. The Withdrawal notice must be sent 4 weeks before the end of the term you are currently in. If it is received before the deadline, we will return the $200 deposit you put down when you first enrolled. If it is received after the deadlines, then you will forfeit your deposit, and will automatically be billed and liable for the following terms fees. Please note, verbal withdrawals can not be accepted.

    The withdrawal deadlines for the 2023-24 Academic Year are:

    1. 18/11/23 for students not returning for Term 2
    2. 2/3/24 for students not returning for Term 3
    3. 18/5/24 for students not returning for Term 1 (Academic Year 2024/25)

Public Holidays

  1. There will be no classes held on public holidays. In the event of two gazetted public holidays falling on the same day of the week during any one term, a refund for the second class will be given. There will be no refund or makeup class in case of closure resulting from governmental intervention.

Pick Up and Drop Off from Class: Boundary of Responsibilities

  1. Centre Stage’s responsibility for minor students begins only when the child is delivered to the class room when a teacher is present in the room. Centre Stage is NOT responsible for children if they have been dropped off outside the building, nor if they are left unattended anywhere else on Centre Stage property.

Collection from Class

  1. In the event you are not present to collect your child when the class finishes, they remain with their teacher as the next class commences. Please ensure that you are prompt in the collection of your child to avoid any interruption of the class. If you know in advance you will be late, please let the office know.

Unsupervised Release from Class

  1. Your child will not be released from class, unsupervised, without a completed and signed release form having been submitted and accepted by the office. No child below the age of 7 years will be released unaccompanied.

Medical Needs

  1. In case of need, and in the event that the parents cannot be contacted to give consent, the teacher in charge may authorise the medical examination of the child, the calling of further medical or specialist advice or the removal of the child to hospital, all the expenses thereby incurred to be met by the parents.The parent agrees that Centre Stage or any persons authorised by Centre Stage shall not be liable or responsible for any accident or personal injury sustained or suffered by the child, or for any damage to property however caused while the child is participating in any activity connected to the Centre Stage programme.

Use of Images

  1. From time to time we record class work to be used for media and academic release. Attendance of any Centre Stage class, production, workshop or event is acceptance of usage of your child’s image, written work and voice in academic works, brochures, videos or other promotional materials.

Missing class policy

  1. There will be no refunds if a student misses a class for any reason except the cancellation of that class by Centre Stage.

    Baby Stage and Play Stage students:

    Baby Stage and Play Stage students are entitled to two make up sessions per term if they should have to miss class through sickness. These will not take place at the usual class time and are non-transferrable to a new term.

    All other Classes:

    Where it is known in advance that a student will miss classes, a minimum of three classes in one term, and if advance notice is given to the office in writing, the student can join a dedicated Creative Arts workshop*. These will run as and when necessary.
    Contact the office for specifics dates and to register for these scheduled makeup workshops.

    If the student is unable to join any of the scheduled workshops, no refund will be given.

    *Make up workshops do not apply to students on performance courses (Theatre Workshop and On Stage) as there are many hours of extra rehearsals added for gratis when it comes to their annual shows.


  1. Please do not bring your children to class if they are sick – this includes a runny nose or a cough. We realise that the common cold is no more than a temporary hiccup for many children, but for some it can quickly develop into much worse. So please be considerate and keep your child at home if he/she is unwell. Centre Stage reserves the right to ask parents to take their children home if they arrive at class clearly unwell.


  1. Some children enrolled at Centre Stage are allergic to nuts. There is always the possibility that children may share their snacks, and to prevent danger to those who suffer from allergies, we ask that Centre Stage be maintained as a nut free school.


  1. In an attempt to use less paper, we distribute our information electronically via email, our closed Facebook group and on the website. For this to work effectively, we need you to read the bulletins and newsletters as soon as they are received. Please inform us of any changes to mailing address, email address or contact numbers in order for us to be able to contact you, especially in an emergency.

    Please ensure that the email addresses info@centre-stage.com, east@centre-stage.com and communication@centre-stage.com are saved to your list of contacts and does not end up in your spam folder. We also ask that you join our closed Facebook group and follow us on Instagram as we use that to disseminate photos and videos from our shows and classes.

Personal Data Protection

  1. The Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (the “PDPA”) establishes a general data protection law in Singapore which governs the collection, use and disclosure of individuals’ personal data by organisations. The PDPA contains 2 main sets of provisions, covering data protection and the Do Not Call registry (the “DNC”). The Do Not Call registry has come into effect on 2 January 2014 and the data protection provisions have taken effect on the 2 July 2014. If you have registered your Singapore telephone numbers, including mobile, fixed-line, residential and business numbers with the registry, the school is unable to contact you via these telephone number(s) for anything other than information related to your current registered classes that you and/or your child attend.

    To comply with the PDPA, we hereby seek your consent to use your personal contact details currently available with the school, including your phone numbers, mailing address and email address for the stated purposes indicated in the Consent Form. This will allow us to keep you updated on the schools latest happenings, news-related messages, events and promotions. To give consent, kindly indicate your preferences in this registration form.

    Please be assured that your personal contact details will otherwise be kept confidential. If there have been any changes to your contact details, kindly update the information in our Change of Contact Information form. You may drop off the completed forms at the office or alternatively, you may send us the completed scanned copies at info@centre-stage.com, or complete via the online form here.

    —————– These Terms & Conditions were last updated July 2020 —————–

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