Testimonials from parents, students and alumni on Centre Stage School of the Arts:

 “Thanks so much for this. Ash really enjoyed the class and is very much looking forward to next week. I’m so grateful to you and to Centrestage for creating an environment where little boys who love dancing and pop music can feel safe and happy.”
– Popstars, August 2015
“Dear Centre Stage, My heartiest congratulations to Centre Stage for a great performance by the Pop stars and Musical Theatre kids. I must say, my family and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. The most amazing thing about the performance was that EVERY single child on stage was a star! No one was made to appear more important than the other.  I used to send my other daughter to another performing arts school and that school has the tendency to groom only those with talent and those who were not natural performers or do not have the talent were just left behind. Every concert I go to organized by that school I see the same talented few taking over the stage and my daughter was just shoved to the back… couldn’t be seen and couldn’t be heard. I don’t see this happening in Centre Stage. So thank you! I was moved to tears yesterday as I watched my Cassidy, exuding confidence and performing like she owned the stage. Cassidy is very shy by nature and seeing her letting herself go and enjoying herself on stage brings us joy. My husband and I would like to thank Centre Stage for the opportunity given to our child to participate in the performance. Our sincerest thanks also go to Teacher Cindy for her exuberance, who believes in Cassidy, and constantly encourages her and makes lessons so fun for her and her friends. Please do keep up the excellent work. With appreciation,
– Popstars Show, June 2015
“Just to congratulate you on a fantastic performance. Thank you to all involved. The kids all seem to really enjoy themselves, and so did we! Linnie”
– Popstars Show, June 2015
“A huge thank you from us all for organising a wonderful Star Wars party for the twins! Charlotte and the team embodied the perfect party hosts and kept the children engaged and focused but clearly also very excited and happy!  I have had the most amazing feedback from parents on the Jedi training and the brilliant message that one CAN destroy the dark side not by using light sabres but merely by employing The Force! Many, many thanks again – truly a remarkable effort on your part and huge kudos to Charlotte for her professionalism but also genuine interest and excitement in making the party the success it was! Warm regards, Celeste, Doug, Catherine and Christopher”
– Birthday Party, May 2015
“We wanted to thank you for the hard work you put into helping Ashari perform her best in her role as Jaffar. We were blown away by the whole performance and couldn’t believe that 11 girls could make so much impact in their joint effort. Really, the performances were amazing and you should be very proud of your effort in supporting the girls and teaching them so well that they all shone! We loved the music, lighting and costumes – the set was inspirational and worked so well. It was a beautiful backdrop to the dazzling performances by the girls. Thank you so much and we hope that you enjoyed seeing your hard work unfold in such a spectacular show. Best wishes, Sherry”
– Aladdin 2015
“A big THANK YOU for all you’ve done. Sophie thoroughly enjoys Centre Stage, working with her friends and especially the teaching and training she is receiving from you. Just want to express our sincere gratitude for all your hard work and commitment. We can see that it has clearly rubbed off on Sophie. The evidence is in the pudding as they say. She drags her feet to school but bounces with a smile on her face to your class. Our sincere appreciation. Kind regards, Brian”
March 2015
“Dear Centre Stage Team, We just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone involved in the amazing Aladdin productions this week. We thoroughly enjoyed them, and more importantly the children had such a great time. It is such a big achievement to have put it all together in such a short space of time. The dedication of Jenilee has set a wonderful example for the children. Kind regards, Jim & Fiona”
– Aladdin 2015
“It was a great show! Thank you so much for all your patience. Maya truly enjoyed it all! Angelena”
– Aladdin 2015

“I want thank you for all the efforts and professionalism that has been shown in teaching our kids; especially for our daughter Keemia. She has learned a lot and she has enjoyed the term immensely. The first show this evening was amazing. All the kids did such a great job. Thank you again! Warmly, Ladan”
– Aladdin 2015

“I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the show tonight, I’m always so shocked of the standard and how everything is put together in such a short time, you’ve done a great job with them and thank you for pushing them at the end so that we didn’t have to and for getting such good results!”
– Aladdin 2015

“We really enjoyed the performance and the kids certainly looked like they had fun too. We are looking forward to the next show now! Thanks to you to the whole team for all your efforts. Kind regards, Fiona”
– Aladdin 2015

“Well done on a fabulous production last night. We really enjoyed it. Congratulations. Cheers, Felicity”
– Aladdin, 2015

Thank you so much for the photos! Once again, it was a fantastic show! The acting, sets and direction were amazing. Thank you for creating a really engaging class and challenging the kids to raise the bar every time. Warm regards, Alpana”
– Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2015

“Thank you for your email. We are leaving Singapore in July 2015. Otherwise Indigo has LOVED her Play Stage 1 sessions. The classes are very sweet and memorable. Kindest regards, Lucy”
– Playstage 1, March 2015

“I wanted to write a note to say thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort directing the production ‘Our Day Out’ at the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the shows, I was blown away by how well orchestrated everything was, a true testament to your perseverance and the time you had undoubtedly dedicated to rehearsing those performances.

The two productions brought such great energies, both very different, a true credit to you as the teacher. The students really captured the essence of the 80’s and they portrayed the social demographics of the characters so poignantly given their expat upbringings!

The characters were so well cast and that really shone through. The costumes were fantastic and a lot of thought had obviously gone into it all, not forgetting the stage set…the Morph featured on a few of my school books and I loved the Jackie mags!! Remember those well! Someone had fun with the graffiti can!! ?

The music was toe tappingly good and really reflected the mood and the the tone perfectly.  I found myself downloading a few of the songs that evening that I only have on vinyl..it was a lovely nostalgic evening.

Before I realise how old I really am I will sign off!

Thank you Ali for inspiring Charlie and bringing her into a world in which she feels very much a part of and for inspiring her in her drama endeavours. Thank you for the spectacular show and for spending all the time imparting your knowledge on the students.

Looking forward to the next Centre Stage play!”
– Our Day Out 2016

I’m writing to say thank you so much and huge congratulations to everyone involved in the Twisted Tales show, such an incredible amount of hard work and enthusiasm, by a very talented team, goes into producing such a high quality performance, what a fabulous way to spend a Sunday. Thank you so much to everyone involved, it’s truly appreciated.”
Twisted Tales 2016

Dear Miss Sophie,

You have been a fantastic teacher and I really enjoyed your classes. Center stage has been so much fun and it helped me with my acting. I think that you blocked all of our plays really well. For the presentation I felt really honoured to have that extra duo-loge. The selfish giant was also really cool and I got the part that I wanted the most so I was really pleased about that. You are very supportive when it comes to line learning and that helped a lot.

I have come to really love centre stage and I will miss it a lot back in NZ. I will continue acting in NZ. 

Thanks a heap,
Maddi 🙂 ”
On Stage Acting Student 2016

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