Annual Dance Celebration & Choreography Competition

We are fast approaching our Annual Dance Celebration, Jazz Awards & Choreography Competition Performance which will take place on Sunday 9th October at Genexis Theatre, with the show commencing at 2.30pm. Please read on for important show weekend information. Tickets are now available online HERE. There will be a supply of tickets on the door available to purchase with cash only, but Genexis has assigned seating, so we would strongly recommend booking in advance to ensure you get a great seat! 

Downloadable Dance Celebration Letter 2016

The show will take place at: 2.30pm on Sunday 9th October at The Genexis Theatre, Fusionopolis. 

Drop off: Genexis Theatre – 1 Fusionopolis Way, Singapore 138632
Sign in at Ground Floor Foyer next to Pasta Mania – 91180221

Sign In: 08:30
Tech & Dress Rehearsals: 09:30 – 12:30
Lunch: 12:30 – 13:30
The students must stay backstage between rehearsals and the show itself, please therefore ensure that they come to the theatre with adequate snacks and drinks.
Show Time: 14:30
(Front of House Opens: 14:00)

Important House Rules for the Theatre – Drop off and Collection
It is incredibly important that all parents and carers understand rules in relation to the collection and drop off of those performing in the show. We are performing in a professional theatre and must follow the guidelines provided to us in terms of the accessibility to the theatre.

Process to follow:

  1. Students must be dropped off at the specified time beside Pastamania. IF the student is coming alone to the theatre, they must meet the chaperones at the meeting point.
  2. Students who are late should contact the chaperone on the number provided (we will release this via email before the weekend) by calling or sending an SMS, and state what time they expect to arrive. They must then wait at the drop off point. PLEASE ensure that IF your child is coming alone they have provided us with their mobile phone numbers and have the chaperone’s number saved.
  3. NO students are allowed to go through the stage door without being accompanied by Centre Stage staff or wander through the theatre auditorium (Level 6) without the chaperone to leave the theatre.
  4. At the end of rehearsal and at the end of the show, the chaperones will bring the students out in groups and transfer them to the parents and/or carers. If you are going to be more than ten minutes late, please SMS the chaperone, so that we can hold the students with us.

What NOT to do – please ensure that anyone collecting or dropping your children, are aware of these very important DON’TS. Theatres can be dangerous, the rehearsal process involves rigging lights and scenery and the stage is not safe to enter at certain times. We will ensure that your children are safely away from any of this work, please ensure that you are too.

  • If the doors are opened but the students are not ready and you are asked by the team to wait at the drop off/collection point (beside Pastamania) PLEASE do not insist that you come back stage to collect your child.
  • WHY? While we are working it is likely that the house lights will be turned off. The route from the dressing rooms to the entrance is at this point in complete darkness and it is dangerous to walk through. To bring children safely through the auditorium we stop work and put on the house lights so that the children and chaperones can walk through safely. This is a critical rule that we instill in to the students when they are working in the theatre with us, and we need you as parents to support us, by following the rule also.

We do all that we can to ensure that we run to schedule, but delays do happen, and timings may change, this is a nature of the work that we do. PLEASE support us and our team of teachers and volunteers, in ensuring that these very simple rules are followed.

Thank you for your on-going support and understanding in these matters and to the students for their commitment and hard work during rehearsals.

What do you need to bring on SHOW DAY?

  • Please pack sufficient lunch, snacks and water for your child
  • Hair kit – elastics, hairspray, gel, brush, comb.
  • Backstage Entertainment: As with any show, during rehearsals and the show itself there will be time spent waiting backstage. We would therefore encourage students to bring reading books, colouring books and pencils, card games etc. to keep them occupied. Please ensure all electronic equipment is clearly labelled and be aware that we can accept no responsibility for any damage to or loss of these items.
  • Uniform (for Jazz Students) or Costume – including (very importantly) the appropriate shoes.

Costume Details

You are responsible for arriving to the theatre with the correct uniform.

 Megan’s Classes:

  • Jazz – Uniform: Leotard, tights and jazz shoes
  • Tap – Black Leotard, tights and tap shoes

Josh’s Classes:

  • Contemporary Juniors – Leotard (any colour) and tights
  • Contemporary Seniors – Leotard (any colour) and tights
  • Jazz Saturday 2.30 class – Pink uniform or black leotard and tights
  • Jazz Saturday 3.45 class – Leggings or shorts with coloured t shirt/leotard
  • Jazz Saturday 5.00 class – Costumes given
  • Musical Theatre Dance – Skirts given and black t shirt or leotard
  • Tap Juniors – Black Leotard, tights and tap shoes
  • Tap Seniors – Colourful clothes and tap shoes
  • Jazz Tech Juniors and Seniors – Party clothes

Hair & Make Up (to be done at home)

  • Foundation and powder
  • White eye shadow over entire lid
  • Brown eyes shadow in socket and blended to outside edge of brow bone
  • Black eyeliner on upper lid and on lower eyelid at lash line
  • White eye pencil on lower lash line and in the dimple of the 
inner eye
  • Black mascara
  • Pink blusher
  • Red lipstick
  • Hair slicked back off the face in a high ponytail
  • Choreography Competition Participants -
you are responsible for your own costume and make up.


Choreography Competition Entrants

Please make sure you have submitted your music and name of your dance to your teacher no later than Friday. All music must be properly edited of high quality – no snap fades or YouTube downloads – please supply .wav or .mp3 on a CD.

Thank you for your on-going support, and to the students for their commitment and hard work during rehearsals. If you are unsure about anything contained in this letter please give us a call on 6732 7211. We look forward to seeing you all at the show!

Josh, Megan and The Centre Stage Team

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