Play Stage (18mths to 3 yrs)

Course: Play Stage
Age: 18 to 36 months
Location: East
TeachersShahnaz Alkaff
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Play Stage is great fun for both children and adults – where children gain their first experience of a learning atmosphere. Children are introduced to the basic rules of interaction: sitting, standing, taking turns and sharing, in preparation for school. Imaginative play – through drama, stories, puppets and music – helps develop confidence, whilst clarity of speech is worked on through basic speech sounds. Art and craft activities are also included to encourage both fine and gross motor skills.

The aim is to create a safe, fun, stimulating and imaginative environment in which the children can learn and the parent-child relationship is enriched.

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The emphasis in this class is the building of the individual, allowing the children to develop the confidence needed to emerge from the safety of the group. Through these classes, children develop naturally towards classes attended independently of a caregiver.

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