Theatre Workshop Acting (13 yrs +)

Course: Theatre Workshop Acting
Age: 13 to 18 years
Location: Portsdown
Teachers: Alison Tompkins, Charlie Pepperell, Mathilde Bagein
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Designed for students with a serious interest in acting, the Theatre Workshop trains young actors through skills based classes and by producing theatre. Aims are to train young actors and to develop confidence, teamwork and co-operation, promote an enjoyment of drama and theatre, and develop skills in movement and voice. The course also covers an overview of back stage: costume and prop making, set design, lighting and sound, though practical applications of lighting and sound can only be demonstrated when we are in the theatre.


In order to maintain a high standard, performers must audition for this course and it must be noted that if a performer is accepted on the course there must be a high level of commitment and attendance.

Please note, in order for Centre Stage to maintain these standards we can only take those who show particular promise. Students should therefore be advised that they might not be accepted on the course. If this is the case, then we recommend that the student should continue hourly classes in order to further develop their skills.

An audition is required for entry onto this course. Click here for details.

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