Next Stage! – Theatre Makers! (13 to 18 years)

Course: Next Stage! – Theatre Makers!
Age: 13 years +
Location: Portsdown
Teachers: Manisha Joshi
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Not bound by a specific artistic medium, this course enables students to participate collaboratively as Actors, Writers, Musicians, Movers, Directors, Visual Artists, Filmmakers and Designers to create dramatic pieces from the ground up.

Next Stage! – Theatre Makers has few boundaries giving students the opportunity to explore the development of their creative ideas into an array of media.

Course Objective

The programme will encourage in students dynamic storytelling, emotional maturity, with a strong commitment to collaboration, good citizenship, generosity, risk taking, exploration and adventure.

All attributes that will stand students in good stead whatever career and life path they ultimately choose to take.

Course Structure

The programme will be structured in two sections, with a long -term project to be devised throughout the year.

Section 1:  Students will take part in creative exercises to help them grasp the different formats of dramatic expression. The exercises will be teacher led with a strong focus on process, as well as teamwork, community building and self-confidence.

Section 2:  Students will apply the skills learned earlier to craft short pieces and present to each other. Students will be encouraged to think analytically about what they see as well as support each other by offering observations, constructive criticism, and praise.

Long Term Project: Students will select a topic to investigate from as many creative, analytical, and interpretive angles as possible. The teacher will help guide the students in assembling the piece. Possible topics include:

  • Dreams
  • Hero’s and Villains
  • Natural Disasters
  • War
  • Plague
  • The Future
  • Or any other artistic medium of your choosing

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