Musical Theatre Intermediate (8 to 12 years)

Course: Musical Theatre Intermediate
Age: 8 to 12 years
Location: Portsdown
Teachers: Liisa Raitio, Molly Bird
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Musical Theatre Intermediate combines Creative Drama with song and dance. It is the next step up from Musical Theatre Juniors, and is part of Centre Stage’s Creative Pathway – the value and importance will be in the process and not the product. 

The main aim of these classes is to build confidence and develop basic musical theatre skills in a process driven environment

This course combines movement, dance and song with a through line of Creative Drama and character work which we believe forms the basis for all performance work. Students will use this added element to build belief in the characters they are playing – a fundamental skill required in Musical Theatre. 

Unlike our Performance training based “On Stage” courses – the key aims of Musical Theatre Intermediate is to build confidence and express ourselves creatively in a safe space… learning valuable life skills in a process driven environment, rather than focusing on presentations or performances.

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