Shahnaz Alkaff

Name: Shahnaz Alkaff

Role: Teacher of Early Years
Head of East Coast Centre
Head of Early Years
Head of Outside Schools, 


  • BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Education from South Australia University
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Froebel Academy
  • Diploma in Science Technology from Singapore Polytechnic

Background: As Centre Stage’s very first staff member – asides from Pete and Ali of course –  Shahnaz joined the team way back in 1999 as an assistant teacher, and really values the school’s learning pedagogy, “I had worked in other schools before but I wanted to get involved in enrichment programmes – drama and learning through play looked like a lot more fun. I remember coming into Centre Stage thinking..this is a very different way of teaching. There was no restriction in how children were learning.” She is passionate about working with kids in a creative environment and leads our Early Years and Outside Schools Programmes. She is also Head of East Coast Centre at Marine Parade, which has grown to over 150 students.

What is Centre Stage to you: An awesome place, lots of creativity.

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