Baby Stage

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Baby Stage
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Baby Stage

For children aged 6-18 months

If there were a single year where human beings could be said to take their greatest leap in development it must be from 6 to 18 months. During this stage we seem to go through nearly our entire evolutionary process, from sitting up for the first time, to crawling on all fours, then walking upright and finally talking. We seek to guide a child’s earliest development through a rich, learning environment in which baby and parent or caregiver can flourish. We aim to provide the parent – any child’s most important teacher – with new skills and tools, together with a warm parenting community support and resources for a host of childrearing challenges is readily available.

All babies MUST be accompanied by one adult, and we strongly encourage parents to attend.

Classes are held once or twice a week.

Maximum number of babies per class: 12

Teachers: 2 – 1 lead teacher and 1 assistant

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