Musical Theatre Minis (3.5 to 5 years)

Course: Musical Theatre Minis
Age: 3.5 to 5 years
Location: Portsdown
Teachers: Jo Watson, Sofie Buligis, Farhanah Azlee.

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Musical Theatre Minis is a relatively new course at Centre Stage for under 5’s that combines movement, dance and song with a throughline of Creative Drama and character work. Unlike our Performance training based “On Stage” courses – which are not an option until at least aged 8 – the key aims of Musical Theatre Minis classes are to build confidence and express ourselves creatively in a safe space… working at what children do best – PLAY – to foster valuable life skills such as co-operation, creativity and collaboration in a process-driven environment.

This unique course combines the stimulating world of Creative Drama with the fascinating genre of Musical Theatre. Developing imagination and confidence through play, song and dance routines. Our carefully planned curriculum ensures that only accessible, age-appropriate material is used.

**Please note, that though skills learnt in this course, are ultimately transferable to the stage – this is NOT a performance course.

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