Trinity and LAMDA Exam Syllabus (8 years +)

Course: Trinity and LAMDA Exam Classes in Speech & Drama and Solo Acting certificates
Age: 8 +
Location: Portsdown Road
Teachers: Alison Tompkins, Manisha Joshi
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These classes follow the Trinity or LAMDA syllabus and the grade examinations in both Solo Acting and Speech & Drama certificates.

In the Trinity and LAMDA Exam classes, the teacher creates a scheme of work to support thorough preparation towards the criteria requirement for each grade of the Trinity London and LAMDA Exams. In Trinity, we are proud to say we have had great success, having attained 100% distinction and some of the highest grades in Singapore in the Grades 6, 7 & 8

Both these UK organisations provide worldwide recognised exams adjudicated by visiting Trinity/LAMDA examiners. They are not only an excellent focus and goal to work towards, in providing a recognised measure of the effort and work put in, they also prove very useful for the student who wishes to gain an extra arts GCSE or A level equivalent outside of school in Grade 6 & 8 respectively. And importantly, all Trinity/LAMDA exams are extremely helpful in contributing towards a student’s UCAS points when applying for Universities in the UK. For example, a Grade 6 distinction can provide 40 points. This can offer a real boost when trying to attain a particular grade required for acceptance on to particular course at university.

So overall these courses help reward and fulfil a student educationally, creatively and artistically all at the same time!

Aims: To develop ongoing confidence, self-esteem and skill in verbal communication.
Method: Drama games, improvisation, vocal & dramatic exercises, story-telling, teamwork activities, individual work and encouragement of self-motivation and self-study. Exploring the following areas:
Technique – voice, & body to communicate meaning
Interpretation – engaging emotionally & intellectually with text/words
Knowledge/understanding – understanding, acting theories, background to classical and modern English drama, principles that support English verse & prose
Benefits of this Course – To improve communication and performance skills, to foster an appreciation of literature poetry and play texts, to develop creativity & life skills, to help unlock imagination and encourage creative and Intellectual thinking, to aid in the development of social & emotional skills and gives the opportunity to learn, apply & refine technical skills.
Examinations – International Standards. The exams provide an opportunity to measure progress, acquire skills – work towards certification for career developments.

Here is some additional information re exams from the Trinity London Site for you to view.

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