Our Courses

Solo Singing Sessions

Course: Solo Singing Sessions Age:  8 to 18 years + Location: Portsdown Teachers:  Molly and Zoe    (Teacher Bios click here) See Full Timetable Here Solo Singing...   Read More

Singing (5 years upwards)

Course: Singing Age: 5 years upwards Location: Portsdown Timing:   Our small group singing lessons are perfect for children and young people who love to...   Read More

Boys Dance (8 years +)

Course: Boys Dance Age: 7 years + Location: Portsdown Road Teachers: Charlotte Pritchard See Full Timetable Here   Our current “Boys Club” Dance Foundation provides development...   Read More

Trinity and LAMDA Exam Syllabus (8 years +)

Course: Trinity and LAMDA Exam Classes in Speech & Drama and Solo Acting certificates Age: 8 + Location: Portsdown Road Teachers: Alison Tompkins, Manisha Joshi See Full...   Read More

Contemporary Dance (8 years +)

Course: ContemporaryAge: 8 years +Location: PortsdownTeachers: Charlotte PritchardSee Full Timetable Here   The contemporary Dance programme will be designed specifically for each age group, incorporating two styles:...   Read More

Hip Hop Dance (8 years+)

Course: Hip HopAge: 8 to 18 yearsTeacher: Charlotte PritchardLocation: Portsdown RoadSee Full Timetable Here   A contemporary blend of Street Jazz & Hip Hop that develops...   Read More

Theatre Workshop Acting (13 yrs +)

Course: Theatre Workshop Acting Age: 13 to 18 years Location: Portsdown Teachers: Alison Tompkins, Julie Gouin, Mathilde Bagein See Full Timetable Here Designed for students with...   Read More

Jazz (8 to 18 years)

Course: JazzAge: 7 years +Location: PortsdownTeachers: Charlotte PritchardSee Full Timetable Here     As of August 2019, our Jazz classes will follow the ATOD (Australian...   Read More

Tap (8 years +)

Course: Tap DanceAge: 8 years +Location: PortsdownTeachers: Charlotte PritchardSee Full Timetable Here   Tap is an exciting, rhythmic style that develops musicality, rhythm and co-ordination...   Read More

Beginners Ballet (3 ½ to 5 years)

Course: Beginners Ballet Age: 3 ½ to 5 years Location: Portsdown Teachers: Denise Lwin See Full Timetable Here   Beginners Ballet classes are drop off classes based...   Read More

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