Holiday Programmes Overview

Join the Centre Stage team for an action-packed, creative arts extravaganza in your time off school… your children can explore drama, music, movement and arts & crafts over the course of a week totally jam-packed with imagination-stretching activities. Look forward to a super fun time with our CS teachers and guest workshops instructors, all of whom have rich performing arts backgrounds!

A note about covid-19:
Needless to say, the health and safety of our students, employees and community will continue to be our main priority. We have numerous measures in place to protect us all, and attendance of any in-person camp, requires your co-operation. 
You can read all about the measures we have in place here.


We have 3 different styles of programme at Centre Stage depending on the time of year:

  1. Creative Arts Adventure Holiday Camps feature a variety of Arts activities all rolled into one – from Drama and Musical Theatre to Dance and Arts & Crafts.
    These run in half terms, Easter and sporadically throughout the year. 
  2. Special Interest Programme e.g. “Play in a week”, “Film in a week” or programmes focusing on a particular Musical or Story. These run in our Summer Holidays
  3. Specialist Performing Arts Workshops with Industry Professionals
    These pop up from time to time when guest teachers are available e.g. Musical Theatre Intensive with Broadway’s Nikki Snelson or Workshop with teachers from Tring Park, UK. 

Go here for full programme details and signup! 

**even in weeks we’re not running designated camps, students aged 2 to 4 years can join us in the mornings 3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) for Out of the Box!

Some Parent Testimonials:

She had a wonderful time at her first Centre Stage holiday camp. She was super excited the entire week and couldn’t wait to show up each morning. A big thank you to all the facilitators for making her drama experience so fun, engaging and so memorable!
– Parent of a 5-year-old who joined Around the World, Europe 2021
My boys aged 9 and 12 thoroughly enjoyed the holiday camps recently. The teachers were so full of energy and allowed them to explore their creativity through drama and music! The boys had so much fun and it’s ignited their passion for the performing arts, especially for my 9 year old! Am sending them to the regular classes next!
– Mel – mum to 2 boys who joined Around the World Creative Camps, 2020

  • All programmes run subject to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 children (If you have signed up for a camp but it is not able to run, we will let you know via email – and phone at least 72 hours ahead of the camp – unless in completely extenuating circumstances in which case it may be less)
  • Terms and Conditions for Centre Stage Holiday Programmes

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